Anarchists Vandalize GOP Headquarters in Seminole County

Anarchists vandalized the Seminole County headquarters of the Republican Party, condemning their attacks against the existence of minorities like undocumented immigrants and queer peoples in the United $tates, as well as the continued imperialization of indigenous peoples and oppressed territories across the world, like Boriken (“Puerto Rico”) and Guam.

Statement of Solidarity With Anarchist Hunger Striker Giannis Michailidis

The Florida Youth Liberation Front stands in full solidarity with anarchist political prisoner Giannis Michailidis, whose hunger strike for freedom from indefinite imprisonment by the Greek state has now reached a milestone of 67 days. Our message to comrades in Greece and Michailidis himself: we stand in solidarity with the struggle for freedom in territories dominated by the Greek state, and will continue to act in solidarity with this liberatory movement.

Giannis Michailidis is an anarchist insurgent who has served about 50% of his sentence and has obtained parole, having found employment outside the prison walls and seeking the ability to study. In order to prevent him from having the most basic degree of dignity while his neck remains under the boot of the state, the Greek government has framed Michailidis with new charges to keep him in a state of indefinite detention.

Such an obvious injustice has prompted Michailidis to engage in more aggressive messaging to demand his release from indefinite detention via a hunger strike, which he has now endured for 2 months and 6 days. We encourage any anarchists and anti-capitalists reading this to act on their own or in a group in solidarity with Michailidis’ struggle for freedom and liberation from the state.