Miami, Gainesville Anarchists Drop Banner in Support of Alabama Prison Strike

Anarchists in Miami and Gainesville dropped a banner in solidarity with the Alabama Prisoners’ Strike, condemning the ADOC’s starvation of inmates on strike and targeted persecution against incarcerated organizers fighting for the end of slavery and the release of elders in Alabama prisons. Since the strike began on September 26th, at least 5 strikers have been murdered and thousands of others have been systematically starved, placed in solitary confinement, and severely beaten by guards.



Appeals Court Sides With Tamarac Police Officer in 2019 Brutal Beating of 15-Year-Old Boy

Tamarac police officer Gregory Lacella brutally assaulted 15-year-old Delucca Rolle in 2019 at a shopping plaza. An appeals court agreed with Officer Lacella’s Stand Your Ground claim on Thursday, eliminating charges of battery placed against him.

In a video recorded by a bystander, Officer Lacella and another deputy can be seen pepper-spraying Rolle before throwing him to the ground, banging his head against the pavement, and punching him in the head several times. 

Delucca Role, the victim of Lacella’s assault, was charged with assault on a police officer, and, upon inquiry by local news channels, was found to have a clean criminal record. The charges were later dropped.

During the investigation, Lacella claimed he feared for his life and used the Stand Your Ground claim in court to defend his brutal attack on 15-year-old Rolle. A Florida appeals court agreed with the argument, ruling that Rolle’s aggressive behavior justified Lacerra’s response.

Courts Overturn Conviction of North Miami Cop Who Shot Autistic Man’s Caretaker

In 2016, North Miami police officer Jonathon Aledda shot unarmed Charles Kinsey, the behavioral therapist of Arnaldo Rios Soto, an autistic man who lived at a nearby group home residence. On Wednesday, a state appeals court overturned his conviction in the case.

Police, arriving on the scene, found Soto holding a toy truck that Officer Aledda claimed to look like a weapon. Officials claim the responding officers believed Soto was holding Kinsey hostage, despite Kinsey getting on the ground with his hands up and begging them not to shoot.

A recording shows Kinsey begging officers not to fire, making it clear that Soto was holding a toy truck. Officer Aledda then opened fire, shooting Kinsey in the leg. Kinsey later asked the police why they shot him, receiving an alleged response of “I don’t know.”

The definition of attempted voluntary manslaughter is where the defendant committed, obtained, or was negligently culpable in an act that would have killed the victim but someone stopped the death or the defendant’s actions failed to kill the victim. 

Despite the hard proof that Officer Aledda shot Charles Kinsey, the original jury acquitted him of all charges other than misdemeanor culpable negligence. 

Released body camera footage shows Sunrise PD officer grabbing colleague’s throat during arrest

Sgt. Christopher Pullease of the Sunrise Police Department was placed on desk duty after the release of body camera footage from an incident on November 19th, 2021. Footage shows Pullease grabbed another young officer by the throat after she stopped him from pepper-spraying an already handcuffed arrestee.

“I find this behavior to be disgusting”, said Chief Anthony Rosa in an interview with WLRN 7 News, omitting that the officer in question was not even placed on administrative leave and remains on full-pay status while serving desk duty.

Immigrant workers protest wage theft by Chow Roofing Services

Dozens of protesters gathered on Sunday outside of Chow Roofing Services’ office in Goulds, amid the company’s ongoing refusal to compensate workers for over $33,000 in stolen wages.

Miami-Dade County found Chow guilty of wage theft on May 18th, but the contractor continues to break the law by refusing to compensate workers for their unpaid labor.

Footage via @wecount_fl on Instagram

More information comes out in Homestead police shooting

Plainclothes detectives on Friday shot a person in Homestead who they believed to be shoplifting a Walgreens on US1 and Campbell. 

Police state that the detectives chased down the suspected shoplifter, who fled in a green SUV with 2 other people inside. The chase ended at a Ford dealership, where Homestead Police Department said a confrontation happened.

Captain Fernando Morales stated that one of the detectives was “forced to discharge his firearm”, shooting the driver and riddling the SUV with bullet holes.