Hundreds in Orlando Protest for Abortion Rights

Hundreds of anarchists and allies of the movement for abortion rights took to the streets of downtown Orlando to protest the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade. Demonstrators destroyed several signs held by fascist anti-choice preachers, and were able to resist a later attempted cordoning off of the area by police.

Dozens March for Abortion Rights in Orlando

Dozens of protesters in Orlando took part in an autonomous demonstration for abortion rights, waving anarchist flags and marching with banners stating “Rioting > Voting” and “Abortions For All” in repudiation of ineffective rallies in the city and elsewhere in the United States promoting voting and petitions as an alternative to direct action.

Jane’s Revenge Attacks Anti-Abortion Clinic in Hollywood

A cell of the anarchist pro-choice insurgent group Jane’s Revenge attacked an anti-abortion clinic in Hollywood called Respect Life, plastering the walls of the establishment with graffiti in support of bodily autonomy and other messages addressing pertinent political affairs.

Jane’s Revenge is an anarchist insurgent network dedicated to defending reproductive rights and bodily autonomy, deriving its name from the Jane Collective of the 1970s, which provided safe abortions for women in Chicago at a time when the practice was outlawed. Jane’s Revenge was first made public with the firebombing of an anti-abortion group in Madison, Wisconsin on May 7th 2022.