Immigrant workers protest wage theft by Chow Roofing Services

Dozens of protesters gathered on Sunday outside of Chow Roofing Services’ office in Goulds, amid the company’s ongoing refusal to compensate workers for over $33,000 in stolen wages.

Miami-Dade County found Chow guilty of wage theft on May 18th, but the contractor continues to break the law by refusing to compensate workers for their unpaid labor.

Footage via @wecount_fl on Instagram

Key West protests arrival of cruise ships

200 Key West residents protested on Thursday against the presence of large cruise ships on the island community, expressing frustration with lawmakers, who had canceled voters’ decisions to reduce the role of the industry’s role on the island. 

Environmentalists on the island say that cruise ships cause severe damage to the ecosystem of the Keys, as video surfaced of dolphins and other marine life being driven away by the arrival of large cruise ships.

Photos via Mark Hedden

More information comes out in Homestead police shooting

Plainclothes detectives on Friday shot a person in Homestead who they believed to be shoplifting a Walgreens on US1 and Campbell. 

Police state that the detectives chased down the suspected shoplifter, who fled in a green SUV with 2 other people inside. The chase ended at a Ford dealership, where Homestead Police Department said a confrontation happened.

Captain Fernando Morales stated that one of the detectives was “forced to discharge his firearm”, shooting the driver and riddling the SUV with bullet holes.