Hundreds Protest Florida Black History Curriculum in Miami

400+ protesters hailing from a variety of groups took to the streets against the new standards for Black History in Florida as set by the Board of Education, which obliges the instruction of the “benefits of slavery” for enslaved people and erases wide swathes of Black history and resistance to oppression as part of a wider effort to erase equitable education in the state. Organizations participating in the demonstration featured the Teamsters National Black Caucus, Black Lives Matter Broward, and radical student groups such as the Student Resistance Committee, Plantation High YDSA, and FIU YDSA.

Orlando Anarchists Drop Banner Pushing for Rail Strike

Anarchists in Orlando dropped a banner in support of a wildcat rail strike, following the Democratic government’s decision to outlaw a national strike and force through a deal that makes no provision for sick leave days and satisfies almost none of the demands made by rail workers.

Rail unions may yet go on strike, as it appears that they have maintained the authority to organize work stoppages in spite of the injunction passed by Biden and Congress.

Miami, Gainesville Anarchists Drop Banner in Support of Alabama Prison Strike

Anarchists in Miami and Gainesville dropped a banner in solidarity with the Alabama Prisoners’ Strike, condemning the ADOC’s starvation of inmates on strike and targeted persecution against incarcerated organizers fighting for the end of slavery and the release of elders in Alabama prisons. Since the strike began on September 26th, at least 5 strikers have been murdered and thousands of others have been systematically starved, placed in solitary confinement, and severely beaten by guards.



Hundreds in Orlando Protest for Abortion Rights

Hundreds of anarchists and allies of the movement for abortion rights took to the streets of downtown Orlando to protest the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade. Demonstrators destroyed several signs held by fascist anti-choice preachers, and were able to resist a later attempted cordoning off of the area by police.

Thousands of Students Across Florida Walk Out Against Don’t Say Gay Bill

Thousands of students across Florida walked out in a statewide mobilization against the Don’t Say Gay bill, which would ban discussion of LGBT+ issues in elementary schools and has passed through the state legislature.

High schools participated reaching from Seminole County to Flagler, with Riverview High, Freedom High, Gibbs High and many more present. In Tallahassee, students marched from their high schools to the Florida House, occupying the floors to condemn the bill’s passage.

Repression was also reported during the walkouts, with the lead organizer being suspended indefinitely by his school for passing out Pride flags.

Davenport High, Polk County

Wiregrass Ranch High, Pasco County

Lakewood High, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County

Bayside High School, Palm Bay, Brevard County

Terry Parker High, Jacksonville, Duval County

Freedom High School, Orlando, Orange County

Hillsborough High, Tampa, Hillsborough County

Largo High, Largo, Pinellas County

Gibbs High School, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County

Florida House of Representatives