Queer Anarchists Counterprotest Right-Wing Hate Rally in Ft. Lauderdale

Dozens of queer anarchists in Ft. Lauderdale counterprotested a fascist-adjacent rally against the existence of queer children, organized by fascist groups “Gays Aga1nst Gr00mers”, “M0ms For L1berty”, and “Flor1da Fathers For Freed0m”. Despite several provocations by fascist rallygoers, the counterprotest was not attacked and successfully held out for longer than its opposition, whose primary attendees were Proud Boys from outside the area.

Reportback from friends at Iron Snowflake Video Productions:

Anarchists Vandalize GOP Headquarters in Seminole County

Anarchists vandalized the Seminole County headquarters of the Republican Party, condemning their attacks against the existence of minorities like undocumented immigrants and queer peoples in the United $tates, as well as the continued imperialization of indigenous peoples and oppressed territories across the world, like Boriken (“Puerto Rico”) and Guam.